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Best buy webroot install – For installing best buy webroot first you need to download the installer file from the page.

When you will open the page two input boxes will come on the page one will ask you for your email and the other will ask you for your keycode.

Enter the both info and submit. When you will do that, program will automatically download or you will get an option to do so.

reach with internet connection.

You will need internet access to download your Webroot secureanywhere as now a days all antivirus are cloud based. you need to download it online.

What is a Webroot keycode that is asked at

If you are going to use webroot for the first time then you may wonder what is the keycode that is asked on the page to fill in.

A Webroot keycode is 20 characters alphanumeric string which is used during the download of the Webroot installer file. You can understand the Webroot keycode as the Webroot product key or the license code.

Where to find Webroot keycode?

If you purchased your Webroot from a physical store then you will get a card upon your purchase. On the back side of this card you need to peel a place where keycode is mentioned.

In case of an online purchase you will get your keycode inside the account with the store or you will get it to your email associated with that store.

Download Webroot with keycode and then install Webroot with keycode

To download I already mentioned you need to open the URL or on your Web browser.

  • Open on your Web browser.
  • Enter keycode and email.
  • Complete the download or it will automatically download itself depending on the browser you are using.
best buy webroot install

Webroot secureanywhere is a light weighted cloud based security which now affect the speed of your device

Installing Webroot with keycode

Now if the download is done you need to double click on the download to start installation procedure. When you will double click it will show you a system prompt that will tell you that Webroot is going to make a change to the computer so here you need to click on yes.

Next thing it will ask you the keycode again. Just give the keycode when asked and click agree and install.

Provide the email in the next step again and finish the installation. Upon finishing the installation Webroot will automatically start to scan your system for the first time.

Install Webroot antivirus with keycode along with creating a Webroot account

Although you can download your Webroot without creating an account with the Webroot. Still you can create a Webroot account. It will take a little more time to download your Webroot antivirus with keycode, if you chose to download it with a Webroot account.

By creating a Webroot account you are making a recovery plan actually. If in case somehow you lost your Webroot keycode and Webroot product from the device then you can recover it with the Webroot account at any point in time and almost everywhere.

The other benefit of creating a Webroot account is when you have a Webroot for more than one device. If you are going to download your Webroot for another device then you just need to login to your Webroot account.

Open link and fill the complete form to create a Webroot account. Now verify your email as upon clicking register now you will get a verification link on your email inbox.

Install Webroot with keycode on another computer guide

After logging in you can download your product. You can add Webroot to another computer/device at any time further within the subscription period. It is valid when you have a valid keycode for more than one device. The number of Webroot licenses associated with the Webroot keycode is mention on the Webroot card. In case of an online purchase, you can check the details of your purchase.