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25 digit McAfee activation code

Users get a 25 characters alphanumeric code on the Purchase of a new McAfee. This code is known as product key or activation code.

If you purchased your McAfee from an online store then you will get a activation code/product key inside your account with the store or you will get you activation code to your email inbox.

On the other hand if you purchased it from a physical store or offline store or you got a delivery of McAfee retail card then you will get the activation code on your McAfee retail card.

Activate or redeem 25 characters product key at

To download and install your McAfee, first of all you need to activate the McAfee product key.

  • Open a Web browser and enter the site in the URL box.
  • When you will open this page you will find a place to your activation code/Product key.
  • Put the activation code and submit.
the page enter 25 digit McAfee activation code here.

Log in to your McAfee account after redeeming the key at

As you redeemed the key on the URL, now you need to login to McAfee my account to associate your redeemed key with your account. So if you have already have a McAfee account the just login and download the product.

Upon pushing the download button it will create a serial number you need to note it down as it will be used during the McAfee installation.

McAfee my account login or register a McAfee account here.

Now if you don’t have a McAfee you need to create one.

Redeem McAfee activation code at and create a McAfee account

As you redeemed your McAfee activation code at and you don’t have a McAfee account then you need to create a McAfee account right away. Now when you redeemed the product key and submitted then a login screen will come to your screen you just need to see the right hand side of the screen which is showing you the register option. click on that.

On clicking you will see a form to fill. Fill the form and click on ” I Agree” on the button after filling the complete form. Upon clicking you will get a email for confirmation or verification.

Click the verification link and now log in to your newly created McAfee account. Download the product now and note down the serial number which is generated upon pushing the download button.

Installing McAfee antivirus after redeeming the key at and downloading it from the McAfee account

The installer file for the McAfee product is already downloaded now we just need to double click and follow the on-screen instruction positively will do the rest. Provide the serial number when asked.

It will take 5 to 7 minutes when it will be setting up. After the installation is complete you need to further log in to your McAfee account from the system app itself.

Now you can scan your computer/Laptop with your brand new McAfee.

Precaution during McAfee product key activation and McAfee installation

Keep the retail card safe as it contains the product key. If any of the product key characters are ripped anyhow, it will be difficult to recover your product.

Now going before the installation of a new McAfee you must need to check your computer for any other antivirus product and even when it is already expired. We need allocate that product and the we need to remove it before start with the new McAfee installation as it may conflict with the McAfee even at the time of installation.

After removing the product you need to restart you computer once. And now you can do a fresh McAfee installation procedure.

How to remove an Antivirus from the computer?

To remove a program from your computer you need to go to the program and features section of the system. If you are using a Windows operating system the you can follow the path-

Control Panel->All Control Panel Items->Programs and Features


Press windows key along with alphabet R key together. Upon doing this a run box will come. Type appwiz.cpl there and hot ok button on the bottom. Program and feature section will open automatically.

Now you just need to select the program which you want to remove it can be any program even your McAfee. Just double click on that and proceed positively if something prompted, in order to remove the program.

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