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Reinstall Webroot on a computer/Laptop

How to reinstall Webroot with key code?

To reinstall Webroot with keycode you may log in to your Webroot account and then download the installer file for the Webroot antivirus. Further, you can run the program to complete the install. Provide the key code when asked during the install.

In case you haven’t created a Webroot account at the time of the fresh install then you need to use a different approach to reinstall your Webroot.

Reinstall Webroot with keycode using webroot account

If you have a Webroot account then simply log in to your Webroot account and then go to your devices. See if your current device is listed there if yes you can click on that to re-download your Webroot. If your current device is not listed there then you can click on add a new device.

After adding your device you can download your setup file by clicking on that. Now if the setup file is downloaded now you just need to double click on that to start the installation procedure. When you double click on the setup file then the system prompt will come and you need to click on “yes” as it is asking that Webroot is going to make changes in your computer do you wish to continue.

Reinstall Webroot with keycode without a Webroot account

If you do not have a Webroot account, then you need to download the Webroot setup file directly from somewhere. You can also find the direct setup file for Webroot on its official Website. There are several other trusted third-party website where you can find the setup file for your Webroot like or