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McAfee download already purchased

To download McAfee that you already purchased you need to redeem the activation code for McAfee first at page and then you need to login to your McAfee account.

If you don’t have a McAfee account then you can create one. After creating a McAfee account you can again log in to your McAfee account and then you can download your McAfee product. Upon clicking the download button it will show you can McAfee serial number, you need to down this serial number. The serial number will be required during the installation procedure.

You can see the whole process at article 25 digit McAfee code activation here. On this page all the info is given.

In case you are trying to download McAfee which you already installed on one of your devices and you want to download it for your second device. If this is the case then you may have the license for more than one device. See the simple instruction to do that below.

McAfee download already purchased by logging into McAfee account or by creating a McAfee my account.

Redownload McAfee already purchased

We already know that the activation code/ product key is already redeemed so there is no need to do that. Now when we redeemed the product key at that time we logged in to McAfee account.

Here we need to login to the same McAfee account on the new device. When you will login, inside your McAfee account you can go to your product section. There you will find your McAfee subscription just re-download it and note down the serial number as it will be generated once you click the download button.

Now run the download when the download is done. Follow the positive options on the screen. Provide the serial number when it is asked by the setup wizard. Now once the installation is done, you need to login to your McAfee account again from inside the app.

After the login you can start the first time scan of your computer.

Download McAfee purchased for Mobile devices-

Android devices- To download the Mcafee app on your Android device you need to open the google play store first and the search for McAfee.

Recognize your McAfee app and then download it. Open the app once it is installed. Log in to your McAfee account from the app now and start scanning your device for the first time.

iOS- For an iOS just open the apple store and search for McAfee. Recognize and download it. Once installed login to your McAfee account.

Kind of McAfee security and download the McAfee which you purchased

McAfee download already purchased: There are several McAfee security products available in the market. There are some meant for home users and some of them are for business users.

  • McAfee Total Protection
  • McAfee Security Scan Plus
  • McAfee WebAdvisor
  • McAfee Mobile Security
  • McAfee Techmaster Concierge
  • McAfee Virus Removal Service
  • McAfee Gamer Security
  • McAfee Identity Theft Protection
  • McAfee Safe Connect
  • McAfee Safe Family

Now while downloading your McAfee product first of all check the receipt of your purchase. After confirming the variant of your purchase you need to download and install the same variant.

In phones you need to download the mobile version. And in case you already have a McAfee before and you again purchased a new McAfee then you need check the variants of both. If both of them are same then you just need to redeem the product key and login to your McAfee account. Now open the app within your system and change the product key inside the app.