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Kind Of Website hosting – Free, Shared, cloud, VPS, and Dedicated server

If you are a Website owner or you are just going to be one of them, then you must have researched about Website hosting as to be a Website owner you need to have a domain name and a place to host the data of that domain name.

Now first of all i will brief you a little about free website hosting as we will not discuss it further in the blog. There are several hosts who will provide you free website hosting on a shared server with some limitations. Except it you can also host your website on a always free platform like blogger. We will discuss this thing in detail in our blog on hosting a website for free.

For now we will discuss the kind of Website hosting and what features they have. So there are basically 4 type of popular hosting-

Kind of Website hosting

  • Shared Web hosting
  • Cloud server hosting
  • VPS (Virtual private server)
  • Dedicated server

Shared Web hosting

Shared Web hosting is perfect for entry level website. Here shared Web hosting is a kind of Web hosting that share the resources of the hosting like Ram and CPU with other website or shared hosting account.

This type of hosting is suitable for limited (less) number of users as the resources are limited and shared. For entry level blogging and personal blog it will be good choice to have. The costing of this kind of hosting is also less that the others.

Cloud server hosting

Cloud server hosting is the “Hosting of modern era” , It uses a network of computers as resource of your Web hosting. That gives you the power of no downtime and maximum resources on your hosting.

Cloud hosting allow the hosting owner a complete multiple building of resources. He can use resources on a network of computers so it’s up to him, how much resource he wants.

Virtual private server (VPS)

Virtual private server (VPS) as name says is a private server which you but not at your location, It is over the network.

Yes VPS is just like your private server and gives more control to the user over Shared hosting although it still use shared resources like shared hosting. It is basically for advanced users who wants more control over there website hosting like if they want to install some package in their hosting now it’s totally up to them.

VPS is a ultimate middle between the dedicated and shared hosting. Gives you control over the hosting like the dedicated hosting but also share the resources. This is VPS for you.

The Dedicated server

The Dedicated Server gives most control of server to the user. Here you have your specific server all the resources of that server is allocated for your Website. This means you have full control to the server from installing the operating system or want to choose the security of the server.

Hosting owner here get full admin access and root access. This kind of server is basically for that website owner who needs to take care of very big number of the visitors on the Website. So all the services here also the most expensive among the kind of hosting. Except the price here an expert is needed for configuration and maintenance of the server.

Web hosting solution you need

It depends on your current requirement,

Shared hosting will work for you, if you have low traffic or you are an entry level hosting owner. Most of the shared server are fully managed now a days. So they provide most of the things preinstalled so you may have variety of choices without installing anything by yourself. Except it you may have access to the softaculous package. That will enable you to install multiple kind of CMS including wordpress.

VPS is good when you need custom control over a shared hosting. It is best option for the website owner who outgrown shared server hosting.

Cloud hosting is good for the Hosting who are going to grow rapidly and also going to need scalable resources.

Dedicated Hosting is Expensive option for large websites where you need to be in control.

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