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add webroot to another computer

Adding Webroot to another computer-

to add Webroot to another computer you need to login to your Webroot account on that device itself and inside the device section you can add your device and further you can download the Webroot for that computer also.

How to download Webroot on another computer

  • Login to your Webroot account.
  • Add your device to your Webroot account.
  • Download your Webroot product and run it.
  • Complete the installation procedure.

Login to your Webroot account and add webroot to another computer

To directly login to your Webroot account you need to open the link

  • After logging in you need to go to the devices inside your account and add a new device there.
  • Now you can download your Webroot for the device you just added.
  • After the download, just run the download.
  • When you will run the download setup wizard will show you a system prompt that will say that Webroot is going to make some changes in your computer. Here you need to respond positively like “yes” or “continue”.
  • Further, it will ask you for the Webroot keycode, put the keycode in and hit agree and install.
  • Now provide your email and finish the setup.

After a successful install Webroot will start install Webroot will start scanning your computer automatically.

Add webroot to another computer or install webroot on second computer guide.

How to install Webroot on second computer or third computer

If you have installed webroot in one computer then your product key or keycode is already redeemed. So if you want to install your Webroot to a second or third device then you can do it with your Webroot account as described above. You just need to login to your account and then add a device to your account.

Installing Webroot on a second or third device with a Webroot account is already described. In case you haven’t created any Webroot account. Although you already installed it on the first device.

Installing Webroot on second or third device without a Webroot account-

For best buy webroot install on the second device directly open the URL On this URL installed file will automatically download and you just need to install it.

How to download Webroot on another computer and get the ultimate Webroot secureanywhere security

How to download Webroot for first device?

Unlike downloading Webroot for the second device, here for the first device you need to redeem your Webroot keycode.

What is a Webroot keycode and where to find it?

A Webroot keycode is a 20 characters alphanumeric string which contains number and alphabets. A Webroot key code looks like below-


Here q can be any number from 0 to 9 or an alphabet from a to z.

Where to find the keycode?

If you purchased your Webroot from a physical store like best buy (Geek squad) then you will get a card upon your purchase. On the back side of this card you need peel the place that contains the keycode.

In case of an online purchase you need see with the online store for further instructions.

Redeeming keycode and downloading Webroot

Now if you have the keycode then just open the URL on your Web browser. When you will open this page you will find the place for keycode and email. Provide both and submit. Upon submitting the download will be done.

Run the download and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download.